RAK11300 Pinout (RP2040 to SX1262)

Dear all,
could we get the exact pinout of the RAK11300 / how its internally connected between the RP2040 and the SX1262? I would like to use the 11300 with another RP2040 board package which does support deep sleep - and therefor need to have this information to feed into the other SX1262 library.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @nmaas87 ,

I think this connection is what you are looking for.

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Thank you, that should get me on the right track! :slight_smile:

For more details, please check the open source library, the complete pin assignment is there ==> SX126x-Arduino/board.cpp at fe6178f82d81e6509a5352f1d2aa85e433e19a7a · beegee-tokyo/SX126x-Arduino · GitHub

The antenna switch direction is controlled by the SX1262 itself through DIO2.
The antenna switch power is controlled with GPIO25
It uses an TCXO

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