RAK11310 Core+RAK5005-O base can not access AT command

I have a RAK11310+RAK5005-O base board. So far I manage to run some codes and it works well. But when I try to access to RAK_SERIAL_PORT_TOOL_V1.2.1 that provided by RAK, the program tends to freeze when I send a simple AT command to the device.

Refer to fig below. When I click “SEND” to send at+version, the program does not respond and freeze until I unplug the USB that connect to the RAK11310 board.

My question is: how do I access to RAK11310 AT command mode so that I can alter the hardware parameter (e.g. DevEUI etc)?

Hello @ccliew

The RAK Serial Tool is quite old and the pre-defined AT commands are not compatible with the RAK11310 AT commands.
The RAK11310 AT commands can be found in our Documentation Center RAK11300 AT Commands
You can overwrite the commands in the RAK Serial Tool on the left side, then push the SAVE button. On the next start the new commands will be shown instead of the outdated commands.

Thank @beegee. I will have a try later and feedback to you if it is working.