RAK11310 Flash memory

Is it possible to use RAK11310 flash for storage? I have been using the Pico SDK to interface with sensors and tried the SDK flash_range_program function but it causes the device to hang. That works fine on a Pico and I know the RAK11310 has the same amount of flash so I assume the hardware interface to flash memory is different. I would like to save LoRaWan parameters in NVM by implementing the EepromMcuReadBuffer and EepromMcuWriteBuffer functions in eeprom-board.c in the LoRaMac-node library. Or do I need to get one of the WisBock storage modules to do this? Alternatively I think I can just save the dev-nonce in RTC non-volatile memory since I have a RAK12002.

Hello Mark,

Yes, you can use a part of the flash memory with the LittleFS Mbed library. I have an example in my WisBlock-API

Thanks! Can you tell me whether the RAK11310 uses the ISSI flash chip or the Adesto chip? I see on the LittleFS_Mbed_RP2040 Github repository (GitHub - khoih-prog/LittleFS_Mbed_RP2040: Wrapper of LittleFS for Arduino MBED RP2040 boards. This library facilitates your usage of LittleFS for the onboard flash. LittleFS supports power fail safety and high performance) that different versions of the Arduino mbed_rp2040 core are required depending on the flash chip used.

I didn’t try the library you pointing to, I am just using the library that comes with the BSP. I am not sure about the differences between the two flash chip types.

The Flash chip used is the Winbond W25Q2