RAK11720 - BLE Operation

RAKwire Support

Is there any plans to add the RAK11720 support on WixtoolBox running on IOS or Android that would allow firmware update in the field and perhaps setting up different parameters

Thank You

Paul Humphreys

It is in the roadmap but no committed date yet when it will be integrated to WisToolBox.

Hi Carl

Any update on this ?

How are people using the RAK11720 BLE option ?



Hi @dingoxx ,

RAK11720 is now supported by WisToolBox but only on Desktop version. The mobile support will be end Q2 or early Q3 this year but only on configuration side. FW update will not be supported yet. However, if there a business case on this, we can discuss and I can relay it to the team.

Regarding BLE of RAK11720, it is not as popular as RAK3172 and RAK4630 yet so I have little feedback. But we have users already who are exploring RAK11720. I am thinking the case is becauses of the chip used. STM32 and NRF52 are more popular to developers compared to Apollo.