RAK11720 No ACK received [__main__]

I had problems with the TAK11720, and I couldn’t continue loading the program from the arduino.
I tried leaving the RAK with the factory data and it didn’t work… I followed the instructions from this link → Failed to enter bootload phase - #11 by beegee
without good results

I tried to load the firmware with pyocd and got these results
sudo pyocd erase -t AMA3B1KK-KBR --chip
0001050 I Erasing chip… [eraser]
0001313 E Error during board uninit: [session]
0001320 C No ACK received [main]

For the RAK11720, the only method to recover a device by doing a chip erase and flash firmware, that works for me, is still JLink.
Until today I never got the DAPlink connection to work with the Ambiq Apollo 3 MCU.

242 / 5,000

it seems to be the only way with J-link.
I did several tests with DAPlink, and it didn’t work. Only with J-link I was able to recover the equipment, and modify the program so that I could make the recording.
Thanks again for your response