RAK11720 password BLE

Hello there,

I was configuring the BLE of the RAK11720 with the RAK wistoolbox mobile application and i want to secure this. When iam connected to the RAK11720 with BLE i can change litterally every parameter but its not allowed for other people to connect and change parameters like lora or custom at commands. I saw there is a possibility to lock the AT command with a password but is there also another verification possible to prevent that only system user can change the all parameters?

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Hi @Marnick ,

The RAK11720 is not yet supported by Wistoolbox mobile app but only via desktop. I am using a different BLE UART App to test the AT Commands. I am not exactly sure what happens on your setup but on my RAK11720, I can send all commands can configure LoRa/LoRaWAN parameters.