RAK11722 firmware or way forcing Boot mode?

Hello there,
playing with my RAK11722 module i kinda messed up the serial communication and can’t send AT+commands nor make it enter boot mode. So i was wondering if there is a way to force the mcu enter boot mode or if anyone knows if the firmware for the module RAK11722 with the RAK11720 Apollo out there to erase it via RakDap1? Thanks

Hello Juan,

There is no other option to force the bootloader mode than the AT command.

The firmware for the RAK11720 can be found in our Download Center. Take the RAK11720_latest_final.hex to flash the device.

The guide (if required) to flash the firmware with RAKDAP1 is in the Documentation Center

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Thank you for your reply and info @beegee, by the way is there a way to use this module without RUI? i mean i need to send some data via Serial monitor just to check if some calculations are correct but what happens is that somehow my serial configuration mesess up with the AT commands and I can’t reprogram the module anymore because it can’t enter Boot mode. How can I change to something like the RAK4631 BSP or how can avoid this serial “interference”? thank you again <3

Hello Juan,

At this time we have only RUI3 support for the Apollo 3.
There is a SDK available from Ambiq, but I don’t think they have the support for the LoRa transceiver.
Another potential option, but I am absolute not sure if it would work, is the Apollo3 Arduino BSP from Sparkfun. But for this as well, I don’t think there is support for the LoRa transceiver. And the SX126x-Arduino library we use for the RAK4631 (Non-RUI3) and RAK11310 will not work with the Apollo3 either.

One thing you can do during development phase is to put a 5 second delay after you initialized the serial port like

// rest of setup()

That gives you a chance to send AT+BOOT before your application hangs or crashes.

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Thank you so much, another quick question regarding the RAK4630 boards. Can i flash on it lets say, the arduino nano BLE firmware? and if not, do you know if i can use the MCCI arduino-lmic library with the RAK4631 BSP firmware instead of the one provided by rak?

The Arduino Nano BLE uses the same MCU nRF52840 so theoretically it could work, but there might be different pin assignment that make it fail.

For the MCCI Arduino LMIC library do you have a link to that library? There are so many libraries out there, not sure which one you mean.

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Hi @Juans ,

I’ve used LMIC and MCCI-LMIC before. It is not compatible to RAK4631 and RAK11722 at the moment. And we do not know if it will be.

The difference is the Semtech LoRa Transceiver used. MCCI LMIC is optimally designed with the old SX127x chips. And discussions in MCCI before is that adding support for SX1262 (which RAK4631 and RAK11722 used) is a bit complicated compared to how LoRaMAC did it.

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