RAK12007 connected via wire to Baseboard?


I’m using the RAK11300 on top of the RAK19010, with the RAK12007.
This is not really a software question, but how to connect the RAK12007 to the RAK19010 via a wire.

The reason is that i’d like to use both in separate enclosures connected with a connecting wire (in this case, RJ11’s). I’ve noticed the pads on the 120007 and soldered wires onto those, and i’d like to connect those to the terminals on the RAK19010.

I seem to have difficulty doing so, so i’m wondering if this is a scenario that should work.

Hi @cyclops ,

You can use IO1 for Echo and IO2 for Trig. These pins are accessible in RAK19010. I did a quick test and it works fine. The PD pin can be left floating if you do not need power down control. You can use the RAK12007 example code here and modify the pin definition to use WB_IO1 and WB_IO2.

My solution, used in my watertank. But that is possible because I have senior benefits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: with our R&D team.

I asked them to send me the RAK12007 with the 6-pin connector assembled and connected it to a RAK13002 without soldering.

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Also @cyclops , you can also get the 3D file of the 3D printed enclosure from @beegee . He always have these cool enclosures for his projects :grin:

Let me think about sharing my precious designs :thinking:


Let me know if you want it.

Mounting of the sensor inside the water tank:

(still need to replace the screws to stainless or paint them)

Outside I use our Unify enclosure with solar panel for permanent usage without recharging:

The gland is used for cable exit and it is holding the sensor enclosure.

Working on an option for LoRa P2P as well.
No need for gateway and LoRaWAN server. Direct transmission to a Wisblock with display and buzzer for low level and overflow alerts.

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hahaha! Oh wow guys! Thanks so much for the super quick responses.
I love that @beegee is using this at home. That’s really drinking your own Champain (hmm… maybe he should put that in his tank?!)

My application is exactly the same, and i have wired it up, but it’s not working so i need to double check things.

I’d love to get those 3d printed enclosures, given that i’m looking at an enter 3 next to me :smiley:

I did see the pads and that it would be ready to put a connector on there. Is this something we could do at home?

(it’s so cool to find people that need exactly the same thing!)

Here are the STEP and STL files:
Watertank-Sensor RAK12007.zip (2.1 MB)

The connector is a FWF10002-6P from TXGA, but I think there are alternatives from other companies.

Thanks so much! will take a look tonight!

So, of course before i posted on the forum i tried it myself already and couldn’t get it to work. Turns out the cable that i used to connect the two is actually a twisted cable and i just had the points the wrong way around. I didn’t troubleshoot it properely yesterday evening and that’s why i posted. I guess it was late and i was sleepy :slight_smile:
Anyway - now connected properly and all is awesome as always with RAK :+1:

I’m planning to build the final solution with the ESP32 as lora in my application isn’t going to work well (unfortunately, i like it a lot). Any tips for deep deep sleep?

Oh, forgot to ask @beegee - how is that sensor performing in that wet environment?!

The sensor is working surprisingly well. The condensed water on the surface doesn’t affect it.
I had two incidents with tank overflow (the cheap valve has a tendency to hang) and the sensor got complete flooded. But as it is not powered permanently, only for measurements, it survived and after drying up the PCB it worked again.
Here is my visualization:

I am planning to share the code, but I am still testing the P2P version.

For the ESP32, you can have a look on this (very old) DeepSleep code. It is not made for the RAK11200, but for the Adafruit ESP32 Huzzah. So for the LoRa part there will be some changes required in the initialization (actually it is easier with a RAK11200 + RAK13300).

There’s something to say for having lora, BT and WiFi on the board, but i’ll order the RAK11200 and see how that goes.
It’ sreally a shame that i cna’t do lora with this little project. It would be so much better suited for it imho…

I’d be interested in the lora p2p code :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, this is great!

The LoRaWAN and the LoRa P2P code are the same.
You can setup the workmode with AT commands (I copied that from our RUI3 API) and use the same code for both.

The display part is not finished yet, I am trying to do some automatic pairing between the sensor and the display. The code is for RAK4631, but as I am using my WisBlock-API-V2, it should work the same way on the RAK11200.

Are you using ArduinoIDE or PlatformIO?

I’m on platformIO, i haven’t used the RUI3 stuff. I didn’t need it and i sort of like the low-level stuff :slight_smile:

Here’s my GPS tracker which is the most of my experience: GitHub - cyclops1982/RAKTracker: Example code that get's a distance measure and sends it via lora. First implementation. Very basic.

PIO is good. All my code is written with VSC and PIO.

Nice code.
How is your experience with the RAK11300? I don’t really like it. Not much support for low power yet.

I want to love the RAK11300, and haven’t played enough with it, but lack of good low power mode is a problem for me as well. The device is capable of it, but last time i checked that required super low-level programming (IE, not framework = arduino). Doing that brings lots of other libs that don’t work…

I guess it’s a “do you have enough time” problem, because if you had time to write all that code, it can be great…

Ordered the RAK11200 now, can’t wait :slight_smile:

(still, shipping to UK is painful :slight_smile: )

We have resellers in Europe, but you guys decided that EU is not good for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Following up on this topic. I was wondering if it’s doable to connect the wires to TX0 and RX0 on the baseboard mini?
Struggling to find the pin numbers… (as always…)