RAK12037 and RAK12039 potential conflict

I have a RAK4630 (BSP) on a RAK19001 base board and I’d like to connect both a Co2 sensor (RAK12037) and a Particle matter sensor (RAK12039), when connecting either of them individually or with other sensors, they work fine, however, when connecting both of them at the same time (one in IO slot A and the other in IO slot B), RAK12039 stops working and is no longer detected when performing an I2C scan. Does this mean that RAK12037 and RAK12039 cannot work together due for example, to some conflict ? Or is there something that I need to take into account when connecting both sensors ?


Welcome to the forum @H12

Unfortunately there is a conflict with the two modules.

We will correct this in the next version of the RAK12037.

At the moment there is a possible workaround by disconnecting PWM and RDY signals on the RAK12037.
But it is not easy.

Solution (1) Remove the PWM and RDY pins on the RAK12037:

Solution (2) Cut the copper traces of the PWM and RDY signals:

Either of the two solutions have to be done carefully to avoid damaging the module.

Thank you for the information and the quick reply

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