RAK12039 PMS Sensor Dual Base Board Issues

Hello, I’ve been trying to test sending LoRa messages with the RAK12039 PMS sensor, on the RAK19001 base board. when I run the board through Arduino BSP on Fedora 40 with just the PMS sensor attached to one of the IO Slots, the sensor works as expected. However when I add the LoRa chip (RAK13300) to the second IO slot, the sensor stops working as expected and I hit the “PMSA003I begin fail,please check connection!” error in the example code.

Does anyone know why adding the LoRa chip would cause sensor to start failing?

This two modules cannot be used together, there are GPIO conflicts:

You can always check for GPIO conflicts using the Pin-Mapper

If there are any pin conflicts between the two IO modules at all will they not work together. Ie. if I switch to the RAK13002 which doesn’t conflict with the LoRa module on the tx and rx pins but in general has pin conflicts, would I be able to use that instead?

You can check with the Pin Mapper for conflicts ==> Pin Mapper