RAK13002 IO pins

We’ve got a RAK13002 in order to control a few LED components.

We need five IO pins to drive 2 x monochrome LED and 1 x rgb LED

Wire them up to IO pins 1,3,4,5,6, and all is good: except, we also have a GPS module attacehd to SLOT A … this appears to make use of WB_IO1, since without writing any code to do so, the LED connected to that pin flashes and it is (or at least appears to be) related to the GPS module reading data.

This should not be a problem since there is one more IO pin on the module, i.e. IO7 … however looking through the variants.h header file, there is no mapping supplied for WB_IO7, and I cannot find details about the actual pin number on the IO module itself, so that I could provide my own mapping.

Has anyone used the RAK13002 and made use of IO7? How did you manage that?

As it turns out, our “Work around” might be a good fit solution -we have connected up to PIN_LED1 and PIN_LED2, however it would be good to make use of all of those IO Pins -excepting WB_IO1 of course because that appears to be taken by SLOT A

I seem to remember WB_IO1 being the subject of an earlier conversation with you @beegee

Hello @billr
IO7 on the RAK5005-O is not in the pin mapping because it was (originally) reserved for the QSPI interface (which had originally a Flash chip connected on the RAK4631). But on the final RAK4631 PCB we did not use the Flash memory anymore.
You can use IO7 and address it as GPIO #28

pinMode(28, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(28, HIGH);

No guarantee on this, I did not try it, just looking into the schematics of the different modules.


Thank you @beegee I’ll give it a go and see what happens :rofl: