RAK13002 USB Data and charging? Waterproof USB

Very new to radio and programming so forgive my low level knowledge.

I’m using a RAK4631 Wisblock starter kit and looking to add a waterproof USB port (Amphenol MUSB-K152-30) to charge, update firmware, etc. without removing from a waterproof case.

I saw the RAK13002 and am wondering if I can use this to replace the USB-c that comes on the RAK19007? If attached to the RAK19007 can I develop a pcb to sit on the header pins and connect the Amphenol waterproof USB?

Welcome to RAK forum @snek ,

What you intend to do will not work on RAK13002 since USB datalines are not exposed.

The only way you can achieve this is by using RAK19001 or RAK19011 Dual IO Baseboards.

These are bigger baseboards than RAK19007 and all pins of the Core are exposed to header pins.

Thank you very much for your reply! This was very helpful.

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