RAK13600 Reading Card on nterrupt


I’m interested in reading an NFC tag on an interrupt event using the RAK13600.

I’ve looked at the RAK13600-PN532 README and found that there aren’t any examples working with interrupts. In my research, I discovered that the original Adafruit library includes an example at readMifareClassicIrq.ino.

While porting the example, I noticed that the RAK library is missing the readDetectedPassiveTargetID function since it’s combined into readPassiveTargetID, which, as far as I can tell, blocks until it reads a tag.

Could anyone offer help or tips on how to achieve this? I might be missing something or doing something wrong.

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @Tombar

You are not forced to use our library. You can use the original Adafruit library if that fits better to your requirements.

Thanks for the welcome! really happy so far with the WisBlock platform, kudos!!

Regarding your answer, that make sense! thank you very much for your quick reply :slight_smile: