RAK14000 Deep Sleep

The SSD1680 EPD Display Driver used in RAK14000 offers a deep sleep mode. Is it possible to activate it to reduce power consumption during deep sleep of the core?

If I switch off the 3V3_S of the RAK14000 module after the update, then I get a current consumption of about 1.2 mA during deep sleep. This means the average current is about 1.5 mA for a one-minute cycle (query values, prepare ePaper display, and LoRaWAN payload, send message, go to sleep).

Without the RAK14000 I had about 500 uA for the RAK4631-R only. That is too high, too. But I did not find the reason until now.

Hi Claus,

I am not sure what is causing your power consumption, but I can get a sleep current of ~250uA without using the sleep mode of the display (using the large 4.2" display of the RAK10702).

The only thing I am doing is to use WB_IO2 to cut off the power to the display.

Using the small B/W EPD, I am getting ~120uA sleep current.

This is all with Arduino BSP and RAk4631. Not using RUI3.

If I find the time, I will verify with RUI3. But I have no test code for the RAK14000 for RUI3 (yet).

Hi Bernd

I had with the RAK4631-R w/o ePaper too high current consumption already (500 uA). With Apollo3 it looked better. I will change the core and measure again.
I can send my source to you too.


Seems I have to many code examples on my computer.
Found a RUI3 code for the EPD.

Can confirm your 1mA sleep current using the RAK4631. Not sure why.