RAK14000 TriColor EPaper Screen tech info

Friend purchased the RAK14000 Tri-color Epaper board by mistake. His intended purpose is for use in the meshtastic project. However, this board is currently unsupported.

Is there anyone able to confirm the board model so I can attempt to connect the GxEPD2 library.

I see the black and white board is an GxEPD2_213_BN, just need the model number of the tri-color screen.

Thank you, hope this makes sense to the screen experts here.

Welcome to the forum @meshuser1337
Here is the datasheet for the 3 color Epaper display.
DEPG0213RWS800F41-specification-12046025.pdf (2.9 MB)

It “works” with Meshtastic but it shows a “redish” background and has only black/white support.

Here is a picture of the part numbers from the back of the two displays

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