Rak15000 EEPROM Module with weird behaviour


I’m using the EEPROM module together with some other modules: Flash RAK15001, Environment RAK1906, RTC RAK12002. However, it is working energizing a different IO pin than it should. for instance, the EEPROM module is connected in the slot D (which has the IO5 and IO6 pins in the RAK19001), but if the IO6 is set to high, doesn’t work at all. But, if the IO2 pin is set to high, works normally. How is this possible, as the module is connected in the slot D, and the IO2 pin is only available for slots A and B in that board?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Gorgio,

WB_IO2 is controlling the 3.3V supply for some modules, but the RAK15001 does not use it.

In which slots do you have the other two modules, the RAK1906 and the RAK12002?

Thanks for your answer.

I’m not sure I completely understood the answer. The module that is not working properly is the RAK 15000 EEPROM, not the 15001 Flash. I’m aware that the RAK15001 doesn’t use the WB_IO2. However, it is necessary for the RAK15000 depending on the slot that is connected.

All the modules are connected this way:

RAK15000 EEPROMM - slot D

RAK12002 RTC - slot B

RAK1906 Enviroment - slot A

RAK15001 FLASH - slot C

I missed the RAK15000 in my answer.

The RAK15000 is supplied with 3V3_S, a 3.3V supply that is controlled through the GPIO WB_IO2.
WB_IO2 HIGH ==> 3V3_S on
WB_IO2 LOW ==> 3V3_S off

There is a conflict here that the RAk12002 RTC module has it’s CLKOUT signal on WB_IO2, so there is a potential conflict of controlling the 3V3_S.

If you use RAK15000 in Slot B and RAK12002 in Slot D it should work. But you still need to set WB_IO2 to high to get the RAK15000 to work.

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