RAK15000 power on pin

The example code for the RAK15000 EEPROM wisblock powers on the EEPROM chip by pulling WB_IO2 high:

pinMode(WB_IO2, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(WB_IO2, HIGH);   // power on for AT24C02 device

I cannot find any reference to WB_IO2 or any ports other than the I2C SCL and SDA ports on the port mapping spreadsheet..:


I am trying to use the EEPROM in slot D, which pin should I be using to power on the EEPROM?

Welcome to RAK forum @ArneJoris ,

The IO2 controls 3V3_S line. That’s is the case in all sensor slots (from sensor slot A to F).

The transistor switch for 3V3_S can be found on all WisBlock Base. All uses IO2 to enable 3V3_S supply.


These schematics are in datasheet.

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