RAK16001 ADC resolution

I’m using RAK4631 with RAK16001 ADC converter.
However, when I need to read a single digits miliVolts the resolution of 8 bits is not enough.
I’m wondering if there is any option to reduce the Vref to imrove the resolution in lower end.
Or is there any other board or settings to make the ADC to be more sensetive.
Another thoughts I have; is there any rak voltage amplifier, so I can amplify the voltage before measuring it.
Thank you for any advice or suggestion

Welcome to RAK forum @asorkin ,

The resolution of the ADC chip on RAK16001 is not changeable. It is 8-bits.

The external voltage reference is fixed to 3V. You can change this but not advisable

If you need to measure a very small amount of voltage. I highly suggest to implement the amplification very near the source of the signal.

Once the transducer/sensor outputs the mV signal, it is very small that even return path of grounding on the PCB can easily creates a voltage offset on the reading. If the signal wont be large enough to be compatible to the full scale reading of RAK16001, I am afraid this module does not fit in the application.

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Thank you for your comments. Does RAK have any amplifier modules?
otherwise, I plan to use a generic one like this: https://a.co/d/ej3Q0QV

Hi Alexander,

We do not have signal amplifier modules. The amplifier module you shared though looks ok.