RAK18060 volume control not possible

In the example file to play WAV audio out of the SD card, it looks like the sound volume level can not be controlled by software (code line102) “rak_audio.setVolume(6); //The volume level can be set to 0-21”
It looks like the amplifiers are always on full amplification.
Has anybody solved this problem so far ?

Many thanks and best regards, Peter

Hi Peter, as I tested it on our side, it seems to be working fine. Have you tried setting rak_audio.setVolume(6) to a lower value?

Hi Roland Colla, many thanks for your fast reply. Yes, of course i was testing to set the volume level with this command to a lower level, but it has no influence, on what ever value set this parameter. The hardware setting is the stereo amplifier with external powering of 5V, does perhaps this have a influence of the amplification ? The example code and the example sound file is untouched from the RAK download GitHub page.

thanks for supporting me, best regards Peter

Hi Peter, you’re welcome. Can you share the actual code you’ve used and the actual hardware setup you’ve used so we can check on our end? Thanks.

Hi Colla many thanks for your support.
I followed exactly the steps from your tutorial.
Code, libraries and sound example untouched and out of your repository:

I rebuilt my RAK 18060 Audio Amplifier (E469747 Version A) back to be powered over the local battery and not over external battery. So everything is out of the box.
The music plays, but the command on line 102
rak_audio.setVolume(6); //The volume level can be set to 0-21
has absolutely no influence to the output volume, no matter what you set, the audio level is always on the maximum.
By compilation i get some warnings about deprication, but build and upload works fine.

I2S_COMM_FORMAT_PCM attribute((deprecated)) = 0x04, /!< I2S communication format PCM, correspond to I2S_COMM_FORMAT_STAND_PCM_SHORT/
The audio library is latest version out of your GitHub repository.

Many thanks for your support, i run a little out of ideas and options.
Best regards Peter Kuemmerli

Hi Roland, about my Hardware SetUp, here the Building Blocks i used:

RAK19007 WisBlock Base Board 2nd Gen

RAK11200 WisBlock WiFi Module

RAK18003 WisBlock Audio Interposer Module

RAK18060 WisBlock Audio Stereo Amplifier Module

The 2 speakers are also from RAK Store, everything works fine, but the volume control is not working at all.
Powering the amplifier over the Battery connector of the Base Board or directly over the Stereo Amplifier has no influence , the loudness is the same, max volume…

Many thanks and best regards , Peter

I’ve been working on a project that involves transmitting sensor data wirelessly using LoRaWAN. Everything seems to be functioning well, but I’ve noticed that the battery life is not meeting my expectations. Even with optimized power management settings and using low-power modes, the battery drains much faster than anticipated. I’ve double-checked my code and made sure to minimize power-consuming operations.
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Hi Roland
since months I try to make the AudioAmplifier work, but it is not possible.
(RAK 11200 + 19007 + 18060)
Same problem as before: the volume control is not adjustable by software, it doesent matter what are the settings.
I think it is best to look for other hardware then RAK for our University Projects…

Best regards, Peter

Hello Roland
As already said, the code comes directly from RAK Repositories and the Hardware as written in the post. Still no way to make it run since months. Now i think we should exchange the hardware and take something directly from Arduino, who has functional library’s and forget the RAK hardware for our university projects.

Many thanks and best regards
Peter & Student’s