RAK19001 Flash Meshtastic from header pins

Looking to connect a second USB port via the header pins on the RAK19001. Not sure what pins I would need to connect to be able to charge and send data to the core. I’ve been trying to match the type c usb port pinout names to the core IO pin names and not finding matches for all of them. Looking to use a 5 pin pcb mounted Amphenol MUSB-K152-30.

Huge noob so thank you in advance for any insight anyone can give.

Hi @snek ,

I am not sure what you need but the USB pins are here.


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Thanks Carl! When looking at the diagram of the PCB mounted device I think D+ and D- would correspond to the USB headers. I’m not sure what ID would connect to though.

I believe you can ignore it. It is for OTG functionality which we do not have in WisBlock. USB-C do not support ID as well.

Thank you so much for your help again Carl!

Hi @carlrowan, do I need to configure anything in the device to be able to use these header pins? Or should I be able to pass data through the USB pins after connecting?

Thank you!