RAK19003 Mini Base Case Design

I don’t claim to be a good 3D designer, or CAD artist - so keep that in mind. Remember it is provided for free, and sometimes you get what you pay for. :wink:

I wanted a compact case to use with the RAK19003 base, so I designed one. Feel free to use/change/extend/improve as you see fit. The design includes room to put a 102535 battery next to the board. I picked that battery as a compromise between capacity (I use 1000mAh 102535) and space required. It being a similar shape and thickness to the base made the design easier as well.

There are three different body designs depending on sensor configuration.

I could have made it probably 3mm shallower if the battery connector didn’t stick up so high. I guess I could have unsoldered the jst connector and resoldered wires directly to the board, but I am trying to save time.

Side note, the new power modules don’t help too much in this regard either.

RAK19012 is the same - vertical connectors.

RAK19015 is horizontal (saving vertical room), but the plug extends out past the edge of the board, meaning you still have to add extra space to a case to fit the battery connector. I wish they would have rotated the battery connector 90 or 180 degrees so that it went over the power module/base instead of off the edge…

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Looks really nice.
We have our Awesome-WisBlock repo for sharing enclosure designs. If you like we can add it there.

I’m fine with it being added there. I thought about doing a pull request to the git, but was in too big a hurry to clone it/do the PR.