RAK19003 Rev B versus Rev D Changes?

Just completed a design using the RAK19003 (Version B) with the RAK1901 temp/humidity sensor and the RAK12010 VEML7700 light sensor. The MCU is RAK3172. Custom STM32Wl design using CubeIDE.

It works just fine with the standby (STOP2) current at 15uA.

I just populated my second board and noticed that the RAK19003 was different. It’s Rev D. The LEDs are in different locations and the components are visibly different along with a different layout.

My problem is the new Rev D board consumes an extra 100uA in standby. Can someone explain the difference in the boards that could account for this difference? Also, is there an updated specification/datasheet for the Rev D board. The online version looks like it’s still for Rev B.

RAK19003 Ver.C and Ver.D have a design problem that causes higher power consumption.

Lowest power consumption can only be achieved with RAK19003 Ver.B and the latest version Ver.E.

Thanks for letting me know. Time saver.