RAK19003 WisBlock Mini Base Board

I need to interface an SPI sensor to the Mini Base board (RAK19003). I am using RAK4630 as the core. Kindly let me know the possibility… Thanx

Welcome to the forum @bodhibrata

The RAK19003 does not have the SPI pins exposed, there is at the moment no option to connect and external SPI sensor to it.
That would be only possible with the RAK5005-O and the RAK13002 IO module.

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Thanks a lot @beegee.

hi @beegee … I am working with RAK4360… can you please refer me to some tutorials regarding Lora configuration (i.e. changing SF, channel etc)… thanks in advance

Hi @bodhibrata
Are you looking for LoRaWAN setup or LoRa P2P?

When using LoRaWAN, bandwidth, SF, channel are defined for different regions by the LoRa Alliance and all you do is setting the region and selecting a datarate (combination of SF and bandwidth). We have LoRaWAN examples in our WisBlock repo.
LoRa Alliance regional parameters
Overview datarate/region
Overview channels/region

When using LoRa P2P the parameters are setup with function calls Radio.SetChannel(), Radio.SetTxConfig() and Radio.SetRxConfig(). We have examples for LoRa P2P as well in our WisBlock repo

For LoRaWAN, we have some step by step tutorials in our Knowledge Hub WisBlock Starter Kit and RAK Edge Gateway Complete LoRaWAN Guide

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Thanks a lot, @beegee. I will be using LoRaWAN. I will be in touch with you.