RAK19007 battery connector

According to the RAK19007 WisBlock Base Board 2nd Gen Datasheet, the battery connector is JST PHR-2 2 mm pitch female. From what I can tell, R simply means receptacle. So it should be compatible with PH-2 connectors?

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Male part is on the Base Board, female part is with the wires.

Thanks! So if I search on ebay for JST PH 2-pin female, I should be getting the right thing to plug into the RAK19007? I know this is a very basic question!

You can take your chances at Ebay. No guarantee that you get the right parts and that the polarity is correct.

If you are in US, you can directly buy the cables from our distributor Rokland

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Here in Brazil, you can find this connectors in a kit. Take a look in the photo below:

Conectors Kit Jst-ph 2.0 160 pieces

IWS-3220M Micro Connector Pin Crimping Plier 920PCS Terminals Assortment Kit (HX2.54+PH2.0) 2/3/4/5/6Pin Plug Connectors Kit