RAK19007 supercapacitor hybrid

Hi everybody,

I would like replace my battery li-po by a supercapacitor hybrid.
So, I’m looking for some information and experience about that
Has anyone tried this technology with RAK19007?

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Hello @Bruno

Do you want (1) to replace the LiPo battery with a supercap or (2) use a supercap in parallel to the battery?

In case 1)
On the RAK19007 the battery connector is connected to the charger chip. I am not sure whether that will work for initial charging the supercap, as the charger chip is using charging methods for LiPo/LiIon batteries.
There is no option to bypass the charger chip and charge it through the USB port.

In case 2) You could use the super-cap connected to the solar panel connector (accepts up to 6V). But there is no option to recharge the super-cap.

Hello @beegee ,

Thank for your response.
Can u use LiFePo4?

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Never tried LiFePo4 batteries, but from what I found in a quick search, the maximum charge voltage = 3.60-3.65 V does not work with the charger on the WisBlock. The charging voltage of the chip on WisBlock goes up to 4.2V