RAK1910 "check wiring"

Hi all,

Newbie questions here. I have plugged in a RAK1910 to a 5005 and RAK4631 and used the sample 1910 code. I get an error “no characters received from GPS”. I have carefully plugged in the 1910 on SLOT A, and connected the antenna.

18:21:58.111 → CHARS=0 SENTENCES=0 CSUM ERR=0
18:21:58.111 → ** No characters received from GPS: check wiring **

Any ideas? I’m sitting inside with the RAK device, do I need to go and sit outside so it can get a signal before it will work? (that is a bit inconvenient - its raining)

This means that the UART data from the GPS module is not being received.

  1. What code did you try?
  2. Are there other modules connected aside from RAK1910?
  3. Can you check if the WisConnector of the RAK1910 module and the RAK5005-O baseboard is ok? Is there no misalignment causing damage?
  4. Do you have extra RAK4631 module you can try?


I used the example code that is available in Arduino IDE for the various RAK sensors. Oddly though I have been using Arduino IDE for a week, it just advised me that some libraries had updates, I updated those, and it started working.

Thanks for the response anyway. One of the main reasons I choose to buy RAK gear is because of this good support forum.

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