RAK1910 pin conflict

With the RAK11310 core on the RAK5005-O base the RAK14000 e-paper pins WB_IO1 and WB_IO2 appear to conflict with a RAK1910 GNSS module on slot A. Any work-around here? Or …

Maybe I bought the wrong base? From the RAK19007 specs " … Slot D can be used for GNSS modules, too"

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It is not a conflict.
WB_IO1 is connected to the PPS signal of the GNSS receiver in case you want to use the PPS signal and WB_IO2 is used as reset signal for the GNSS receiver. That is intentional connected like this.

On the RAK19007 which is the successor of the RAK5005-O (no longer produced), we changed the location of the Slot D so it can accept longer sensor modules without blocking another sensor slot.
In Slot D of the RAK19007 the PPS signal will be connected to WB_IO5 and the reset signal will be on WB_IO6.

In both slots, WB_IO2 is in addition controlling the power supply of the GNSS module. WB_IO2 == low shuts down the 3.3V supply of the module, WB_io2 == high enables the power supply.

Thanks for the encouraging reply. I hope to get a handle on this eventually. But I still seem to be stuck in the starting blocks here. I have a LoRaWAN / ChirpStack Arduino sketch running perfectly on the RAK11310 w/ the RAK14000 e-paper module. But (with no code change) after (1)unplugging the USB and (2)connecting the RAK1910 GNSS receiver to the base and then (3)reconnecting the USB power - the Mac USB port (/dev/cu.usbmodem14291) is lost.
If I simply unplug and replug the USB without attaching the RAK1910, the port is lost on unplugging (obviously), but is then automatically re-established on re-plugging the USB.
Is this is some sort of hardware configuration issue, or … Am I perhaps wrongly assuming that, before adding the GPS receiver and seeing the port re-established, there would be no initialization code required at this point? Or more likely some simple thing I have overlooked?

There is a pin conflict between the RAK14000 and the RAk1910 unfortunately. It will not work on the RAK5005-O.

It might work on the RAK19007 if you do not connect the buttons and use Slot D for the RAK1910, but I did not test it…

Obviously not thrilled with this outcome, but do appreciate your prompt and forthright response.
BTW that updated pin mapper looks good - where is it? And how would you rate the chances of the RAK4631 core here?

We tried to have this pin mapper online as web page, but it is too difficult to maintain. At the moment it only exists as an Excel sheet.
All WisBlock Core modules are in this mapper.

I need to update it (again) for the new modules that we just released. I will look for an option to share it, maybe in our Downloads Center

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Google sheets?

Send a link to my email if/when you want to test it out.

The Excel functions used are not working in Google Sheets unfortunately.

The best I can offer is that you download it from my Google Drive

Sorry I got sidetracked & missed that google drive download link (deleted) - I’ll pay closer attention if you can put it back up …

In the meantime, I seem to be having some sucess with e-paper displays using the RAK13002 IO module and some e-paper stuff I had lying around

Strange, I didn’t delete the file. Here is the link Google Drive

Let me know if it works.

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