RAK1910 w/ I2C and UBLOX binary

I’ve been looking at the “GPS ZOE-M8Q Example(I2C)” which I realize is for 12500 module instead of the 1920, but it looks like it should still work as both are supposed to support I2C.

It took a couple of changes to get it compiling and some output (added a delay in the first error block) and added:

define WB_IO2 34

Unfortunately, when I try it, I get “u-blox GNSS not detected at default I2C address. Please check wiring. Freezing.”.

Any ideas what I’m missing???


Hi @Arkieguy ,

As I told in discord, you can only use RAK1910 via UART. There is no connectivity on its I2C pins.

Hi @Arkieguy
If you look into the Sparkfun GNSS repo, it does not list the uBlox MAX-7Q. It lists only compatibility with

  • ZED-F9P
  • ZED-F9R
  • NEO-M8P-2
  • SAM-M8Q
  • ZOE-M8Q
  • NEO-M9N
  • NEO-M8U
    And to be sure I tried the library with the RAK1910, but it cannot connect over Serial to it.

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