RAK1921 mounting

Hi everyone, I have the RAK1921 OLED display, which comes with the mounting screws and standoffs. Quick question, is it designed to mount directly onto the base (doesn’t seem to be the case, as nothing seems to line up), or will I simply have to design my own mounting nearby and use dupont wires to connect?
I was hoping to solder the display directly through to the base.
This comment had me wondering if it is designed to be in a certain position…

Hi Andy,
I did not solder it, but I use the OLED display directly on the RAK5005-O Base board:

Yep, that’s how I was going to do it also, so the standoffs are if I need to move to a different position. Thanks for the prompt reply!

The stand-offs are needed if you want to use the display with the RAKBox-B1