RAK2003 HAT own GPS?

Hi there,

yesterday I got my RAK Discovery Kit 2 with RAK2287 and RAK2003 Pi HAT v. B included. I am wondering why there is a seconds GPS-Module on the HAT since the RAK2287 has it own one. So in sum there three antenna connectors. One for LoRa, one for GPS on the RAK2287 and one GPS on the HAT. What are the differences of the two GPS sources? When should I use both sources? Maybe it does not matter which one I choose ?


Hi @Rush the Pi Hat in your kit is compatible with RAK2247 also. If you use it with RAK2287, only the GPS on the concentrator module will be in use.

Thanks for your explantation. Do I have to configure somethink in the in the image that I can download from the RAK Wireless page or is it working out of the box?

One more thing: Is the GPS signal only used for timing purposes or is the GPS-Position processed in any onther way, too? For example to set up the position for the Gateway in the TTN-Gateway configuration? Or using that exact position form gatewaymapping on the ttnmapper or something like that ?

Just this, timing only. TTN you set the gateway location on their website. TTN Mapper is about the location of the device which can either transmit location or you can use an app with it.