RAK2171 AU915 support?


Can someone confirm the RAK2171 supports the AU915 band? There appears to be conflicting information.

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The datasheet doesn’t specify any of the bands the RAK2171 supports.
This note and the accompanying screenshot in the Quick Start Guide seem to indicate it’s not yet supported but it will be soon.
This forum post from July appears to back that up.
However, the RAKwireless store page states it is supported.
The device is also listed for sale by an Australian website.

If the RAK2171 doesn’t currently support the AU915 band, is there an ETA for when firmware that does support it will be released?


I can confirm that au915 is supported. I have 4 devices, all working. The last firmware update had more country options.

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To clarify, was AU915 included in the last firmware update or was AU915 already supported prior to that update? Do you recall roughly when support for AU915 commenced?

How has your general experience with the devices been generally? Have you found the GPS positioning to be accurate?


Pretty sure it was the last firmware update, unless there’s been another since then that I’m unaware of.
Been supported for at least a month I reckon.
Generally a good experience, gps is accurate, no question. I would like to see some smarter filtering of the 6 modes though, such as setting a time restriction between uplinks after triggered etc…
Battery life not bad, but if asset tracking where 12v is available, I’d be looking for something that could tap into that.
Only really testing currently, but here is a screenshot of the device locations, we were mustering cattle and I had it sitting on the 4 wheeler. Looks accurate to me (1-5m)

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