RAK2171 not charging

Hi we recently purchased for wisnode track it rak 2171 modules, only one is charging the others show a solid red light on the SOS button when connected to the charger and the other on keeps on blinking red when connected to the charger but after a while it still does not turn on.

What maybe be the issue here?

Hi @raymond.mango Solid red means the TrackIt is with a full drain battery, after some time at the charger it should turn on. What you are using for charging them?


We have the magnetic chargers, that’s what we are using…

By full drain batteyr do you mean the battery is not charging or what?

@raymond.mango I mean fully drained(typo). It means it will take some time to charge to 2-3% to be able to start. But maybe not the case here.
To what do you connect the magnetic chargers - PC USB port, charger brick? Can you try to connect to your smartphone charger brick?
In this state, what happens when you press and hold the power button?

I am using my pc, i will try with my charger brck and revert back to you.

have used the phone charger and it is still doing the same thing. What is the cause for this?