RAK2171 not work help

Hi everyone, I have been trying to get started with TrackIt RAK 2171, but when i try to power on, does not happen nothing, then i tried to charge it, but I can see only a red led blinking slowly:

not solid red, blinking slowly red led

Smartphone charger brick:
5VDC - 2A.

They’ve been charging for 4 hrs or more, after this time, when I press and hold the power button does not happen nothing.

do I need to reset the device or something like that?

I hope someone can help, thank you for your support!!

Hi everyone, I think I have found the problem, I opened the RAK2171, and check the LiPo battery voltage, but it was only some mV. I changed the LiPo battery and reconnect the charger, all work well now.

The problem was that I left my device without charging for a long time, and the battery died. I would recommend not leaving the device for a long time without charging.

Now blinking slowly BLUE led

I also did a test by disconnecting the lipo battery, and apparently the device recognizes when there is no battery connected, it indicates it with blinking slowly RED led.

Battery connected and charging → Blue breath.
Battery disconnected or died (or damaged) → Red breath.

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