RAK2171 TrackIT Helium Data Credits

I just received my TrackIt and during setup there was an unexpected mode. After selecting LoraWAN working mode, there are three options - RAK Embedded NS, Third Party NS and Helium Network. I selected Helium Network and it asked for my region and then my sensor appeared in the app map. No need to add to my Helium console… no need to configure Datacake. This works beautifully but I’m confused about who’s paying the Helium Data Credits? Is RAK rolling the data credits into the cost of the device?

the app map is rak tracklt app?

Yes, the RAK TrackIT app.

I noticed the same. They could have struck a deal with the Helium Foundation. Or since RAK is a LoRa hardware manufacturer, it’s possible they’ve just set up enough (mining) hotspots to cover all this traffic.

I chose this helium network when setting up two of my 2171 devices in this working mode. The TrackIt map doesn’t report accurate location of where I’m at if Bluetooth is off. Let say i give one of the two 2171 to my friend who doesn’t have a phone with him on a hiking trip. The TrackIt map doesn’t report his accurate location and always remains in the same area where I handed him that 2171 tracking device and the TrackIt map doesn’t automatically update itself. What am I missing here?

Hello @swifty008,

You would need the Bluetooth away if your tracker is in P2P mode.
If you are using your tracker is LoRaWAN mode you have to register it in a WisGateEdge Gateway(in the Build-In LNS) and you can turn off the Bluetooth, with this configuration you will be able to see the updates in the map as long as your gateway has an internet connection and your tracker is within the range of the gateway(or extender gateways).

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Nikola Semov


In the Quick Start Guide, RAK mentions that there’s a way to register the 2171 with the Helium network and use a third-party LNS. How would one go about obtaining more information on that, and what if I don’t have a WinGateEdge Gateway, but I do have a RAK (MNTD) Helium Hotspot? Can that be utilized as an LNS? Sorry, I’m a noob to LoRaWAN and just trying to connect the dots to track my pet cat.

Thanks! :slight_smile: