RAK2171 TrackIt Suggested Enhancements


I recently bought a TrackIt device and I think it has great potential. However, since only a handful of weeks of owning it, I came across some shortcomings which I’ll be describing below. I’m also posting a few suggestions to include in firmware/app.


Even on the most sensitive setting, the device does not send packets frequently enough. I put it into my backpack and I only got triggers “sometimes”. It was very random, I walked hundreds of meters without any motion trigger. I’ve been using time based updates ever since.

Combine the accelerometer with a timer function. Whenever motion is detected, start the timer. When motion is detected while the timer is running, reset the timer. Once the timer has expired, send an idle signal every X minutes.

possible variables for configuration:

  • motion sensitivity (already there)
  • timer interval (already there)
  • update rate while timer is running
  • idle timer heartbeat signal every X minutes


I did not test this thoroughly, but sometimes GPS lock is very inaccurate, showing SOS location several meters away from actual location. First time I tried this, it showed about a 50 meter difference.

When SOS is triggered, wait for a more accurate GPS lock.

Data packet

Payload size is 4 Bytes too big to be “Helium friendly”. This way two data credits are used for each transmission.

Reduce payload size to 24 Bytes.

Payload content

Payload content is preset. Some GPS data is not transmitted like speed, alt, sats, accuracy.

It would be nice to customize it using tags in the app, like {lon} {lat} {alt} etc. when using 3rd party NS.


Unit turns on when connecting to the charging pad. When turning off afterwards, a red LED is lit and charging seems to stop. This behavior is not clearly documented.

Enable charging while in off state and please document how charging works.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find at least some of these suggestions useful and consider implementing them in the future.


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Hello @szgy78. Thank you for your suggestions. I will make sure the dev team will review them.