RAK2171 WisNode TrackIt Location not displayed in Trackit App

Hey everyone, I’m new here… I’ve purchased 2 WisNote Trackit devices.

I have set them up as described here: RAK2171 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center and I can also see them under my Helium Console Helium Console eating away some of the DC Credits.

I can pair the Trackit beacons over Bluetooth, however, I cannot locate the 2 beacons within my iOS Trackit app on the Map.

Am I missing something? Did anyone had a similar experience?

Thank you!

Unfortunately, “In this mode, any LoRaWAN NS can be used (TTN, Helium, or other). The RAK TrackIt App acts only as a configuration tool for the trackers, no map or location data is available in the App.”

You could use the Trackpac app via Helium. Contact BFGNeil on the Helium Discord and I’m sure he can sort it out for you.

Thank you, will check them out

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