RAK2171 WisNode Trackit Registration Problem

Issue: I am trying to register some new RAK2171 Tracking Devices with the IoS app, in LoRaWAN mode. I have a RAK7258 LoRaWAN Gateway and have tried 1.3.1 and 1.3.3 firmware.

Setup:IoS App; RAK2171; RAK 7258 Indoor LoRa Gateway

Server: Network Server built in to gateway.

Details: I receive an error message in the IoS app “Gateway version needs WinGateOS_1.3.1_RAK or above. Enter the correct user name or password”.

I am using root, root as Gateway Sign In. The LoRaWAN gateway is working fine and is running the Network Server locally. I can login to the interface with those credentials.

The iPhone is connected to the WiFi SSID established by the gateway.

What’s this issue here? The version is correct and the credentials are correct.