RAK2171 WisNode Trackit


I have an issue with my RAK2171, the device will connect with Bluetooth only the first time with the scanner.
But whenever I want to connect again to manage the device it will not connect.
So I have to delete the device and lose all the data and connect again with the scanner.

There is another issue, if the device is connected to Helium (not as client or host), then I will not be able to delete it because it is required to connect via Bluetooth first, so I can not connect or delete the device in this case.

any advise or solution?

Best Regards …

Anyone can help with the Bluetooth connection (not the first pairing)

I have the same problem here. Device previously registered on TTN3, now I want to move it to Rak but i can delete it because no bluetooth connection is possible.

It is working with Android phones and I can find the device when searching for Bluetooth devices on Andriod, but it is not working with iPhones, and it does not appear when searching for Bluetooth devices.