RAK2245 and The Things Network upgrade to v3

The Things Network is upgrading from v2 to v3.
What impact does it have on a Raspberry Pi with a RAK2245 hat using the image supplied by RAK?
Is there an upgrade coming up?

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The impact will be minimal I believe. You should be able to connect to TTN v3 using the packet forwarder that comes with the firmware as before. However this will require a new registration of the gateway in the v3 stack. Basics station is not supported now, unfortunately I can’t tell you if and when it will be supported by the RAK firmware. If Basics Station is a must take a look at the Belena Repo:


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Indeed, that and changing the server name are really all it requires.

Critically important, do not delete the gateway registration in the old TTN rather simply create a new one in the new TTN version and point the gateway at that instead.

If the old registration is deleted, it would be very hard to move the gateway back; if it’s left, it’s as simple as pointing the gateways at the new servers or the old ones.

Unlike nodes where it is quite problematic to have a duplicate registration (as they’ll probably be picked up by gateways belonging to both systems), for gateways the traffic can only reach the server infrastructure the gateway is pointed out, so duplicate registration is fine.

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I haven’t tried RAK Pi firmware, but I did find the PiSupply implementation benefited from an update of the Packet Forwarder to a more recent version.

Unfortunately I was running on a timetable so I didn’t find out what the issue was, but with the update it’s working well.

As we keep repeating on TTN forum, don’t upgrade to v3 until closer to the (as yet unconfirmed) deadline for change over - otherwise other users with devices still on v2 couple lose connectivity.

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