RAK2245 change from 915MHz to 868MHz

I bought two RAK2245 with 915MHz by mistake.
I found that the RAK2245 have a resistor labeled 915MHz on the PCB and also other resistor footprints for the other lora frequencies.
Is it possible to change to 868MHz by just replacing the little resistor to the label 868MHz?


I think you need a new RAK2245 with 868MHz.
Please contact with [email protected].

I made the same mistake! I guess resoldering the resistor is not an option?

The resistor doesn’t actually do anything. It’s just a marker that can be placed by the pick and place robot when installing the RF section components that make a card suitable for 868 or 915 MHz. The 868 parts list includes this visual marker resistor in one place, and the 915 includes it in another, so that way the marker should end up consistent with the actual build.