RAK2245 + Chirpstack

Hi all!

I am new to the Chirpstack ecosystem.

I am planning to run my connect my gateway (Raspberry Pi + RAK2245) running Chirpstack to a different Raspberry Pi running Chirpstack.

The process is, I’ll install a Gateway (RAK2245) connected to WiFi and I’ll run the Chirpstack server in a Raspberry Pi at my place. The Server and the Gateway will be in different places. Is it possible to make this?

If it’s possible, please do tell me what I should do?

Really interesting question. Sad that i cant help you :c I hope some of the forum experts will tell it to us c:

Hi, I’m looking for the same question. Can I configure my Gateway RK7244 to work on an external chirpstack server?

Hello @mgneto,

It is possible to connect RAK7244 to an external ChirpStack. You need to point the chirpstack-gateway-bridge to the external’s Chirpstack IP.

I understood! But I was thinking about something with UDP, could it be possible?

It’s possible, but inadvisable.

You can run the chirpstack gateway bridge somewhere else such as in the cloud next to the external server, and have the gateway’s packet forwarder connect to that via the legacy Semtech UDP protocol.

But it’s strongly recommended to instead use the UDP protocol only on the local loopback virtual network to connect to a copy of the gateway bridge running in the gateway, then use the more robust json or protobuf MQTT protocol to traverse the Internet to the server.

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