RAK2245 How to setting Downlink

Would you like to let the downlink it ackknowledge all the time to receive data?
Can only do uplinks, unable to make downlinks available. Thank you.


This is usually done in the downlink request - but be aware that it will result in increased battery use as the device will then transmit the confirmation.

There are much better schemes that can be power friendly than using LoRaWAN confirmations - what are you trying to do - perhaps we can advise you better.

First, if you only want the server to respond to the uplink with a downlink, you can modify the send data as a confirmation packet using the AT command.
Second, if you want to actively send the downlink through the server, you need send it. ClassA mode must have an uplink data in order to successfully send a downlink. ClassC can receive the downlink at any time.

For this purpose, I want to measure the signal strength that Node and Server connect to.

Where is the AT command? I’m a beginner to use LoRa.



Where do we need to type at?
Is it Arduino IDE or what?

I can’t use a module that can use at + command


You using Arduino to connected?

  1. Where I should use this AT Command?. I am using Arduino board as node/enddevice.
  2. I am using ABP. Still this rejoin is required?.
  • I am using RAK 2245 PI HAT Edition as gateway
  • I am using Chirpstack lora test server from RAK.
  • I am using Node ESP32 and STM32


I made a mistake.I understand you using RAK811.

Could you please give me the specific product model you used? Not it MCU!

I’m a using SX1276 and STM32 by communicating via SPI.
Learn to use LoRa

It’s not our product, right?

I am using RAK 2245 and using Chirpstack lora test server from RAK.

I see,

You must configure send confirmation packets, but your module cannot use our AT command!

You must find a way to configure it to send confirmation packets! If it’s our node product, maybe I can help you!

If so, what are your node products?

Please refer this web store!

I am using this


It’s just a gateway that you need to launch devices like RAK811.
You not have End Nodes!

You get it on uplinks without a confirmation required. If you send a downlink and your device can retrieve the rssi + snr, depending on your code, you can send it back without having to do confirmations in either direction.

The confusion over the AT commands and your DIY device indicates you need to get the device talking to the gateway first - that’s usually a big enough ask - is that done? Because figuring out the signal strength data should be an easier couple of extra steps.