RAK2245 PI HAT - antenna question

Issue: Question

Setup: RAK2245 PI HAT + RBPi 3B+

Server: ChripStack in cloud

Details: Just question if somebody used with RAK 2245 PI HAT this antenna from Mikrotik: MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: Antenna kit for LoRa®.
RAK antenna is not available nearby so that is why I’m asking.
Or is there any description what antenna parameters need to be valid to use it with RAK2245 PI HAT … ie. 50 Ohm, max 100w … etc. … or list of compatible antennas. Or it doesn’t matter and we can use any LoRa antenna with correct frequency for particular region?

It does matter, but if you buy quality that meets the normal expectations like frequency, impedance (50Ω), figure out the losses in the cable you buy (buy good cable), and set the power levels so you don’t exceed the legal output for your region, then an antenna is an antenna and any decent make will do.

The cable losses & antenna gain apply to all antenna’s.

Hi @nmcc thanks for quick answer :slight_smile: