RAK2245-Pi-HAT image for PI 4?

Hi all -
Is there going to be a firmware image released that supports the Raspberry PI 4? The current release version (V2.9.) uses an earlier version of Raspian that does work with PI 4. Any idea if this is going to happen?


Hi @mattkoster,

Yes, we will release a new firmware image to supports RPi 4 surely, but we still wait for a RPi 4 devices by now. :slight_smile:
Once we get it, i’m sure we can release a new firmware image for RPi 4 in 2 days.
Just wait for my news please.

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@fomi - Great! That’s good to know that you guys have it on the backlog. I have it up and running on a PI 4 but would still like an image for an “official” reference. Didn’t want to go this route but we needed a another PI for this and buying another 3+ just seemed like like a step backwards at the time. They are both great boards. Thanks again for the quick background and response. Mk…