RAK2245 Pi-hat - latest softare yields wrong RSSI values

Hello ! We have 5 LoRa base-stations installed in the field, using RAK2245 Pi-hat. We are testing with 70 clients with GPS feature attached to sheep’s. We upgraded now in June to the latest software (firmware) from RAK’s download site. In general it works well. But we are getting very strange RSSI values, inconsistent with the distance between the base-station (RAK concentrator) and the clients. We never get any values below -105dB, and most values never stray much away from the value of -100dB. Using RAK831 in the past, we got normal values with much wider spread, sometimes also seeing -120dB. RSSI is not a critical feature, but a very useful one in certain cases, so we are hoping with this to learn of someone knows an easy fix for this, or, if RAK perhaps would make a software upgrade with a fix for it. Thank you.

Hi @engar

Are you using this firmware on RAK2245 Pi HAT?

If it is, which firmware are you using on RAK831?
Actually, the above firmware for RAK2245 Pi HAT can work on RAK831 too, so can you use this firmware on RAK831 and test again? I want to know if it is an issue which comes from software or antenna, because i have tested this firmware on RAK2245 Pi HAT, and the RSSI is -85 when there is 700m between RAK2245 Pi HAT and LoRa Node, and both of them use a small antenna.

@Fomi please which username and password is used in your OS 2.9.1 software image?

Hi @ClimberPS

Images are based on raspbian. They use default user/password : pi/raspberry .

Todor Velev

Thank You!
I was absolutely sure to have tested the standard combination…