RAK2245 Pi HAT with ROCK Pi 4

Last year I built a LaRa gateway using RAK2245 Pi HAT with a RPi SBC; it worked fine.

Now, I am considering using the same RAK2245 Pi HAT with ROCK Pi 4 SBC.
According to the pinout of the 40-pin headers, the hardware interface suggests the HAT could be plugged into the ROCK SBC w/o causing electrical stress on the board.

Is there software/drivers to support RAK2245 Pi HAT on ROCK Pi 4 SBC?

Is there a different Pi HAT that would work with ROCK Pi SBC, or equivalent, such as Asus Tinker Board?

Oscar Medina

Hello @oscarmedina,

I went through the ROCK Pi 4 SBC and based on that you can use the RAK2245 Pi HAT on the ROCK Pi 4. You should be able to use our GitHub repo for your project.