RAK2245 PI - new firmware 2.8

Hi there,

I just used/tested new firmware with RAK2245 PI from here:
and there is a problem with SSH connection. Have someone tested it already? It seems that there is a problem with IP address settings.
I had to return to previous version of firmware 2.5R.

Can you describe the problem of IP settings in detail?

Well I know that my headless setup is not working as the DHCP is not assigning an IP address. Perhaps the new AP mode is messing it up?

  1. The default lan ip address is, lan does not support dhcp to obtain an IP address.
  2. The gateway defaults to AP mode, and the default IP address of the gateway is (not the IP of lan)

I just downloaded the 2.8 firmware again and the network related function test is normal.

They are all written in the document which i have just completed last week:

Just have a look at it.

Hi there,

probably the problem is that previous firmware image (2.5.R) supports DHCP and new one (2.8R) not.
@ZhuQI @Hobo hank you for hint.
@Fomi thank you for link.
I’ll try to change lan ip address.