RAK2245-RAK831 : problem to connect on thethingsnetwork

Hi, I followed this guide.

then I modified this file:

“gateway_conf”: {
“gateway_ID”: “b827ebffxxxxxxxx”,
“server_address”: “router.eu.thethings.network”,
“serv_port_up”: 1700,
“serv_port_down”: 1700,
“serv_enabled”: true,
“ref_latitude”: 0,
“ref_longitude”: 0,
“ref_altitude”: 0

but in the state of my console on https://console.thethingsnetwork.org/gateways/eui-b827ebfffxxxxxx
I get the word “not connect”


not connected

Frequency Plan




can anyone help me?

Hi, @eros23

Do you only want to use it without customizing something of LoRa?
If it is, i recommend you to use our RAK2245/RAK831 RPi firmware directly, you can download the image from RAK website:
and refer to this document to use:

I have done it but it is always disconnected. where I find the lora_pkt_fwd logs.

You can execute the following command on RPi:
tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep ttn-gateway

Is your id “b827ebffxxxxxxxx”?
Is “xxxxxxxx” your hidden content or is the gateway id “b827ebffxxxxxxxx”?

Hi @eros23,

Did you remember to check the box “Use legacy packet forwarder when registering the Gateway” under the Gateway EUI field ?