RAK2245 RasPi3 Hat TTN Not Connected

Issue: New installation from a kit purchased from Adafruit. Trying to get a gateway setup on TTN. Everything seemed to go fine but gateway shows as Not Connected in web interface console and in the ttnctl cli. I checked /var/log/syslog and I see what looks like valid communication information but gateway still shows Not Connected.

Setup: Downloaded the Raspbian Image from RAK that was listed in the guide. Followed the information for registering the Gateway.

Server: Do I need an additional server? The Raspberry Pi is online. I am new to Lora and TTN.

Details: Including some log information and anything else I can think of that might be relevant. Please let me know what else I can provide that may be helpful.

mike@tincan 03:01:33 0 :~$ ttnctl gateway status eui-b827ebfffeb39eb3
INFO Discovering Router…
INFO Connecting with Router…
INFO Connected to Router
FATAL Could not get status of gateway. GatewayID=eui-b827ebfffeb39eb3 error=Gateway eui-b827ebfffeb39eb3 not found

Excerpt from /var/log/syslog

Thank you!

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