RAK2245 / RPi - LoRa Node Software


I have been using the RAK2245 concentrator + RPi as a LoRa gateway.
Now I want to use the RAK2245 / RPi as a LoRa node instead of a gateway.

Therefore I am looking for LoRa node software that runs on the RPi with the RAK2245.
Any ideas / suggestion?


Stop looking and start coding.

In theory there are two radio chips on a gateway board, in practise they are lodged behind the concentrator chip, so you’d have to ask that nicely to stop doing its thing and just relay the signals on.

For just a few $£€ you can get a Pi HAT with just the radio chip on. I’d personally just get a RAK4270 Breakout board and use some Dupont cables (I think they even come with them).

Thanks for the feedback.

I do not mind coding, but I do mind coding when the code is already there :slight_smile:

My idea is to use the RAK2245 as gateway (standalone / no internet) and when needed the gateway is turned into a node to send a status report via LoRa (e.g. when there is an issue / error).

If it’s not on a vendors site or the first three pages of Google, wonder why!

The hint I was giving that many have asked this and when they unpack the details, see why it may be a bit of a task - go and look at the details of a gateway reference design on the Semtech website for more information.

If the gateway is online (by definition of a gateway), can it not report an issue over the internet.

And if the gateway hasn’t got internet, you can detect that within 31 seconds (as 30 seconds is the recommended stat update interval)

In case many asked I am curious why nobody started :slight_smile: … I am pretty familiar with Semtech design so will have a look and see what I can do.

No the Gateway will (in my case) always be stand-alone and never be connected to the internet.